Monday, February 27, 2012

"Yes" to this Dress! Pt. 1

I simply adore dresses and getting "dressed up", so it's no surprise that I had several favorites from all of the latest fashion shows. Therefore, I give you the first installment of my list of dresses and designers that received my vote for excellent gowns and cocktail attire....

With inspiration stemming from lava and volcanic stone, the palette for Lhuillier's Fall lineup consisted of mostly reds and blacks.  Wide leather corset-type belts made an appearance on several runways and her frocks and jumpsuits were no different.  I covet the gown with the red organza skirt that closed the show…now to find just the right shade of red lipstick to complete this look...
"It is the Year of the Dragon" - Monique Lhuillier, Fall 2012

These two dresses are from the Siriano collection, which incorporated a rather understated and streamlined combination of edgy vs. feminine…inspired by the 1933 film "Vampire Bat"
Christian Siriano, Fall 2012

My next selections are from a runway collection which gave a oceanic, mermaid-ish feel with the main colors being blacks, blues, yellows and gold.
Prabal Gurung, Fall 2012

So, blog readers, which frock is your favorite so far??


Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Meets Function Pt. 2

Welcome to the second installment of the Fashion Meets Function series. I am in love with these lace-up, knee-high leather boots by Givenchy. (Just saying that leaves me breathless!) While they are probably not the most comfy things in the world, they remind me of a wonderful warm leather chair that looks better with age - I'm positive these boots would age well too!

Givenchy, Fall 2012

This brings me to the chair pictured below by Vanguard Furniture.  The exposed wood details at the arms and feet remind me of those chunky wooden heels.  The nailhead accent running along the perimeter of the chair and the wood gives off the same element of repetition as the laces that follow the length of the boot.  Both exhude a very masculine air - which is probably why those boots walked down the runway for Givenchy's Fall Menswear line.  Can't you just picture it - I'm sitting in that chair relaxed with my knee-high boot clad feet propped up on that ottoman? I can!!

Vanguard Furniture, Chair and Ottoman

Until next week!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holly Hunt's Latest and Greatest!

As an interior designer, I get the pleasure of traveling all over to check out some of the newest trends in the industry.  While I have my favorites, not many of those even come close to the cleanliness and structure I find within a Holly Hunt piece.

Holly Hunt is truly a cut above the rest, setting the pace and constantly raising the bar in custom home furnishings. While one would think that it's just case goods and upholstery that you will find when walking into one of the storefronts, you will be pleasantly surprised to find lighting, accessories and textiles worked into the mix as well.

Below are some of my very favorite pieces that have recently been introduced!  Enjoy!

Beacon Pendant, designed by Alison Berger

Chamber Chandelier, designed by Alison Berger

Forsythe Table, Holly Hunt Studio

Dragonfly Bench, Holly Hunt Studio

Spectacles Table, Holly Hunt Studio

Stella Drink Table, Holly Hunt Studio

A room shot of a few of the new and original Holly Hunt Studio pieces in use. Love!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Runway and DKNY...OH MY!

So I know what you are probably thinking...What is this interior designer doing blogging about fashion design?  Well, those who know me well enough know that I have a passion for fashion (yes...I kind of meant for that to rhyme!) and while I promise you I am going to rock your world when it comes to the latest interior design finds...It is the week after fashion week and there is SO much to blog about in the fashion world right now!


One of my favorite lines...known for their wearable fashions with a slightly edgy approach to the classic design, did not disappoint last week when it came to their introduction of the new Autumn/Winter 2012 line!  Below are some of my favorites and the best part about this show was the entrance.

The garage door of the Chelsea Warehouse space was left open so that the models could walk in from the sidewalk straight down the runway, making it look like they just stepped out of the DKNY taxi that was parked in the front (see background of models in each picture).  So clever!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashion Meets Function Part 1

One of my favorite things to do is to research the latest and greatest when it comes to interior design and fashion.

There is nothing like curling up on the sofa on a lazy Sunday afternoon, computer on lap, peppermint tea by my side, and literally going from one site to the next, bookmarking my favorite items for various clients and sometimes for myself!

Something I noticed long ago, was the likeness and similarity of trends when it came to fashion and design.  It recently got me thinking that it would be fun to showcase this common occurence through my blog, by doing a weekly series called Fashion Meets Function.  I will be selecting one like item from each genre...interior design and fashion and comparing the similarities.  Without further adieu...week one!

I love the lines of this stunning leather Lanvin heel with a "wood" platform

         Meet Function:
While this leather top table by Holly Hunt has been appropriately named Spectacles, it instantly reminded me of a sleek pair of stilettos! With it's long sexy legs, sleek profile and similar materials, this occasional table definitely evokes the look of the Lanvin heel above.

I think it would be rather appropriate for these two items to meet.  Maybe in my living room? 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2012 Runway

What can I say about BCBG Max Axria's Fall 2012 Runway other than WOW!  Drawing inspiration from the geometric expression of the Bauhaus, midi-length, color-blocked and paneled frocks dominated the show. To add contrast to the flow and movement in the garments, tailored outerwear in fur and leather was used as a layering piece. It's easy to see why I always look forward to Max & Lubov's collection - I'll definitely be adding some of these to my wardrobe this fall! 

Oh...and I need the runway shoes….check out the metallic detail on these heels!

                 Some of my front runners....


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kelly Wearstler RTW Fall 2012 Runway

Kelly Wearstler...Where do I begin?! She is an icon to many in the interior design industry, including myself, with her bold choices in color and flawless variety of textures and layering.  With each new project she reveals, her reputation grows and so do her followers.  

Viceroy Hotel | Miami, FL

Miss Wearstler has now taken her design skills to a whole new level with the recent launch of her fashion line!!!

The Entrance to her flagship store 

 …yes, you heard me correctly! Our favorite interior designer has dove into fashion and I am in love!  Her flagship store on Melrose in Los Angeles exemplifies her phenomenal design skills with her trademark use of texture, geometrics, layering and natural materials juxtaposed with heavy golds.  

 One of Wearstler's Sculptural Window Displays 

Her fashion collection just turned one this season, and she has introduced denim.  No, not just denim - acid washed denim in six different colors.  This homage to the 1980's is pretty amazing!  Although there were so many ultra chic choices, I've managed to narrow down my favorite picks from last week's show.  Enjoy! 

 Love the Tuxedo pant with heels and an edgy shirt!

 Patchwork-esq faux fur jacket and chocolate denim.  Yes Please! 

Love the layering in this look

This adorable asymmetrical skirt is top on my shopping list!

 Mod little 60's frock with a modern cool!