Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Meets Function Pt. 2

Welcome to the second installment of the Fashion Meets Function series. I am in love with these lace-up, knee-high leather boots by Givenchy. (Just saying that leaves me breathless!) While they are probably not the most comfy things in the world, they remind me of a wonderful warm leather chair that looks better with age - I'm positive these boots would age well too!

Givenchy, Fall 2012

This brings me to the chair pictured below by Vanguard Furniture.  The exposed wood details at the arms and feet remind me of those chunky wooden heels.  The nailhead accent running along the perimeter of the chair and the wood gives off the same element of repetition as the laces that follow the length of the boot.  Both exhude a very masculine air - which is probably why those boots walked down the runway for Givenchy's Fall Menswear line.  Can't you just picture it - I'm sitting in that chair relaxed with my knee-high boot clad feet propped up on that ottoman? I can!!

Vanguard Furniture, Chair and Ottoman

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