Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holly Hunt's Latest and Greatest!

As an interior designer, I get the pleasure of traveling all over to check out some of the newest trends in the industry.  While I have my favorites, not many of those even come close to the cleanliness and structure I find within a Holly Hunt piece.

Holly Hunt is truly a cut above the rest, setting the pace and constantly raising the bar in custom home furnishings. While one would think that it's just case goods and upholstery that you will find when walking into one of the storefronts, you will be pleasantly surprised to find lighting, accessories and textiles worked into the mix as well.

Below are some of my very favorite pieces that have recently been introduced!  Enjoy!

Beacon Pendant, designed by Alison Berger

Chamber Chandelier, designed by Alison Berger

Forsythe Table, Holly Hunt Studio

Dragonfly Bench, Holly Hunt Studio

Spectacles Table, Holly Hunt Studio

Stella Drink Table, Holly Hunt Studio

A room shot of a few of the new and original Holly Hunt Studio pieces in use. Love!


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