Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rachel Zoe Fall 2012

The moment that the first outfit hit the runway of Rachel Zoe's fall 2012 line, I knew I would fall in love!  Zoe revealed 46 looks in her runway debut at New York Fashion Week including an array of fabulously tailored pant suits (a signature style of hers) and cute little frocks that any girl would love.  
Although blacks, grays and whites are the main colors of the line, she threw jewel tones into the mix as well to add an unexpected flair to the tailored look she is so popular for.  Every look was so wearable straight off of the runway, but I had to narrow it down!  Below are some of my favorites.... 

Adore the vamp-y red Mary Jane heels with this clean black and white look.

I so wish I could wear hats.....

Love this amazing tailored wool coat!

Easy and cool 70's vibe to this super-wearable pantsuit.

Really like how this casual olive satchel brings the fur-and-sequins-glam of this look down a notch!

Again, I so wish I could wear hats!

Fab 70's glam inspired wrap-dress...with those hot vamp-y heels again :)

And finally, I really REALLY want this look...the entire lot.


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