Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saunders Architecture

As an interior designer who focuses on form, texture, shape and human interactions with my designs for full functionality, I appreciate a fellow designer | architect who truly speaks to their client in such a manner.  Every once and a while, I come across talent that makes me take a step back in awe - this is exactly how I feel about Saunders Architecture.

Saunders Architecture was founded by a Canadian architect, Todd Saunders, in 1998.  After studying at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax and McGill in montreal, he became a well known architect rather quickly.  His work is strongly contemporary and he is known for blending nature with structure to create a beautiful piece of art. 

His work can be seen across Norway, where they are based, as well as England, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Canada.  Below are some of my favorite works thus far...  

Aurland Lookout, Norway - this amazing structure is part of a tourist route

Aurland WC, Norway - even the Lookout's toilet facilities were well designed! 

Squish Studio, Fogo Island - one of six artist's studios along the Newfoundland island. 

Hardanger Retreat, Norway - one of their first projects to show their abilities. It was "self-initiated and self-financed".

Villa G, Norway

Villa Storingavika, Norway

Alendal Summerhouse, Norway - planned to complete construction this year.


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