Monday, June 11, 2012

Trend Alert: Meow, baby!

I love Summer!  I recently kicked off the season by taking my daughter, Bella, on a girl's trip to the Bahamas and I am already longing to return to those waves.  One of my favorite things about Summer (besides the cold beverage) is the warmth of the rays beating off my skin.  It's like all my troubles are being replaced by a sun kissed tan!!

However, we must all abide by the two eternal rules of Summer: First, WEAR SUNSCREEN!  I can't stress this enough but won't go into the dangers of a sunburn.  Second, wear sunglasses...

Right now one of my most coveted trends in eyewear (thank you, Mad Men) is the cat eye... Need it, want it, can't have enough of it... Here are my favorites from a few of my favorite designers:

Leave it to the designers at Alexander McQueen to take the look literally.  These look like they should be on the set of Cats the Musical!

Love this color, Ametrine, from David Yurman's Floating Logo Collection

Pondichery, by Christian Dior

What? Color blocking AND cat eye? Thank you, Kate Spade. 

This color of the Kosslyn style from Oliver Peoples will look amazing on tanned skin.

If you guessed that the inspiration of these Prada shades was derived from the classic 1950's automobile styles, then you are correct.

Ray Ban's transparent black style

And last, but not least, my favorite eyewear designer, Tom Ford.


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