Monday, July 30, 2012

Bathing Suit Beauties!

It's hot out there and it's not getting any better any time soon!  I would love to be in a pool right now sipping on something water glistening around me...and of course, while I am dreaming, I might as well put myself in a fabulous swimsuit and some kicking wedges.  A girl can't be poolside without looking and feeling her best right!?

Swimsuit shopping can either be a fun experience or utter hell!  We feel our most vulnerable while we are bearing most of what our momma's gave us while the sun is gladly shining on every single bad spot you wish you could hide.  We all have them...but if you get the right swim suit for can make you look and feel like you just stepped on the runway of fashion show!  And don't forget the wedges ladies!  They not only instantly slim you but also help your legs to flex those muscles which make you look fierce!

Speaking of are some of my favorite swimsuits of the season that make me feel like a Bo Derek!

Love this Audrina Cream Monokini from Orchid Boutique 

Eco Swim Bikini Top and Bottom from Nordstrom

This has Michael Kors written all over it!  I love this MK suit!!!

 Love the contrasting colors on this bikini and cover-up by DKNY

This architectural one-piece is by Zero + Maria Cornejo

Leave it to Missoni to create this hip knit suit!


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