Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Edward Ferrell - Lewis Mittman

I love a furniture website that shows variety in their styling.  In my job, I spend hours researching furniture and lighting lines and it's so nice to know there are places where I can go and shop for multiple clients with multiple tastes.

Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman shows this variety.  They have been creating luxury furniture for nearly sixty years and have over 100 members to their team.  The style changes within each line, and one of my favorites right now is from the Roger Thomas Collection : Salon.  The names of these pieces allude to the apparent inspiration that was drawn from Hollywood in the 40's - one of my favorite eras. Here are some that made me gasp!

Hayworth Dining Table

Bacall Desk

Belmondo Credenza 

Loren Cocktail Table

Tracey Console

Olivier Table


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