Friday, August 24, 2012

How do you Fiat?

I’ve recently acquired a new toy and I’m so excited about it!  If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may have already seen this oh-so-cute picture of my daughter in our new ride on the day of purchase...

Yep, you guessed it.  I bought a shiny new Fiat 500C (Cinquecento if you're Italian *wistful sigh*) and I love it!  You probably already know that I push the envelope when it comes to interior design and fashion.  So, why would it be any different with my car?  Of course, I wanted something good for the environment....but it didn't hurt that it was also a convertible and I had the ability to customize the interior. :)

Here are the before pictures....

As you can see, the exterior color, Azzurro, is stunning - especially on this cute little convertible.   The accents are Ivory, which is a perfect complement to the blue.  However, the darker brown Marrone leather just didn't feel right with everything else that was established.

Approximately 60 minutes later, I was standing around the car with two men from the Parts Department, the Fiat Rep, and a myriad of leather swatches and embroidery threads....I was in my element.  The result was an all Ivory interior with blue metallic embroidery to match the exterior and plush, sporty seats...


Matching key's the little things :)

Doesn't she look fun?!   See you on the road!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Lighten up!

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects when creating the desired mood, function and aesthetic of a room.  It is one of the first areas I assess when designing a residence.  Since I specialize in kitchens and bathrooms, it is a fun challenge to find fixtures that are not only interesting and attractive, but also functional.

Below are some of my most favorite recent finds!

Triple pendant by Global Views

These Caviar Pendant lights from Arteriors Home are amazing!  They are available in small, medium and large.  Here, all three sizes are hung together in the above picture. 

This fabulous wood veneer pendant from Studio Jota inspires me the more I look at it!

I love the colors in these Modern Pendant Lights from Niche Modern

These Coco Pendant lights from Coco Flip Design Studio are so mod.

"Clouds" Pendant Lighting by Shak├║ff....So amazing!

This fabulous drop is also from Arteriors Home...  I love the gold and it's a nice scale too! 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Meets Function Friday!

It's Fashion Meets Function Friday and I was recently inspired to do this particular post while rummaging through my resource room looking for textiles for an upcoming project.  I pulled out a stack of carpet squares from Tai Ping Carpet  and, as I felt the silky cut of the samples, I was instantly reminded of why I love this product! Each one was so different in make and style yet these in particular spoke to me.

The linear detailing in these carpet samples remind me of the oh-so-sexy bandage dress.  Perhaps this one in particular...

Romina foil-print bandage dress with braided chiffon by Herve Leger

Both pieces are so fabulous.  I would love to have them both - but maybe I will just put one in a client's home while wearing the least that's a start!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fabulous Closets!'s no news to you that I love clothes...and shoes...and jewelry.  What you may not know about me is my attention to detail when it comes to things such as storage.  I like everything to have a place and better yet...a fabulous one!  So, why would it be any different for the things which I so adore?

Probably one of my most favorite scenes is when the infamous Carrie Bradshaw opens the doors to her brand-new closet that Mr. Big designed for her.  I think I cried a little...

Mr. Big created a perfect backdrop for Carrie's big-budget-even-though-she's-just-a-columnist's wardrobe. 

"I can't help but wonder" though how he could have made the design better...for me, perhaps...Time to peruse Pinterest and dream...

I decided to put together some of my favorite closets all in one place in hopes that you will enjoy seeing them as much as I have enjoyed finding them!  If only I could have them all *sigh*...Oh, Mr. Big? Where are you?

I love the dark wood paneled cabinets with the beige interior walls of the closets

Great use of the space with an emphasis on lavender and geometrics

If I didn't know better...I would guess this is a Kelly Wearstler closet.  Just saying....

Sometimes a warm white is the best backdrop...Love these little built-in banquettes to assist in slipping into your Manolos and Louboutins

My goal is to eventually require aisles in my closet! 

Classic combination of black and white...

Dark shelving and drawers with a fun wallpaper in the back!? Yes please!


Narrow doesn't have to mean small...Great use of space in this closet.  

First off...who puts a fireplace in their closet!?  These people!!  My guess is they turned a room into a closet which I adore!  I also love these lacquer walls and paneling!