Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Meets Function Friday!

It's Fashion Meets Function Friday and I was recently inspired to do this particular post while rummaging through my resource room looking for textiles for an upcoming project.  I pulled out a stack of carpet squares from Tai Ping Carpet  and, as I felt the silky cut of the samples, I was instantly reminded of why I love this product! Each one was so different in make and style yet these in particular spoke to me.

The linear detailing in these carpet samples remind me of the oh-so-sexy bandage dress.  Perhaps this one in particular...

Romina foil-print bandage dress with braided chiffon by Herve Leger

Both pieces are so fabulous.  I would love to have them both - but maybe I will just put one in a client's home while wearing the least that's a start!


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