Monday, September 17, 2012

RomePure: Katya Aksenuk

Little Rock might be considered a small town, but I must say we are big on talent, design and fashion.  After attending this year's Little Rock Fashion Week, I walked away with a new favorite local clothing designer, Katya Aksenuk.  

Katya, the designer for RomePure, was born in Essentuki, a small town in the South of Russia.  As a child, she loved crafting and dancing.  Katya came to the US on a travel abroad program with her university and began theatrical dancing in New York.  There, she began designing her first garments - dance costumes.  She is now finishing her Associate Degree in Fashion Design and is off to an excellent start with her career in clothing design.

The Fall/Winter 2012 collection, Nouveau, is "inspired by human organs and Art Nouveau motifs" says Katya. She adds that it "is not a mature statement, but an experiment with construction and techniques which draw on textiles, needle felting, chiffon pleating, etc."  The collection features silk, wool and cotton blend fabrics.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces from her Fall/Winter 2012 collection.  You can see these beautiful garments in person this weekend at the Box Turtle Fall Fashion Show during Hillcrest Harvestfest.  The show at 7 pm on Saturday, September 22nd will also feature other fabulous local designers, such as Missy Lipps and Korto Momolu.


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