Friday, February 22, 2013

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2013 Ready to Wear

Are you sick of Emerald yet? neither! 

Monique Lhuillier might have been ahead of the Pantone memo, but she was definitely inspired by the same bit of earth - malachite.  While her show begun with primarily Winter White, the saturated green hue made its appearance well known by the end.  Her gowns were truly red carpet ready - the sixth look I show here, a fluted black gown with the arms and back covered in lace, has actually already been reserved for an event...I wonder who it is!  


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carolina Herrera Fall 2013 Ready to Wear

I think Carolina Herrera was channelling Katherine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth and all of the other 1940's starlets during the creation of this collection.  From the hair to the shoes, the girls were flawless.  The show literally left me breathless and wanting to time warp back to this era - Or maybe to Downton Abbey where I might don one of these gowns and rub elbows with Lady Mary. *sigh*

Take a look...By the way, these images are not captioned because I did not want to bore you with my repetitive "LOVE!" "GASP!" or "WANT!"


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rachel Zoe Fall 2013 Ready to Wear

Well, she did it again.  For the second year in a row, I want to own everything that came down Rachel Zoe's runway!  You can read about her NYFW runway debut last year here

This time she won me over with her obvious equestrian influences and luxe textures.  Jewel tones are a big part of her line again this year and I love it.

Love the buttery suede of this wonderfully tailored it feels like butter too!

Excellent texture pairing here...I need these cropped leather pants.

Another great pantsuit (Zoe's signature style) in Winter White.

These equestrian style boots were seen in many different looks and I think I'll take a pair in each color. ;)

Have I mentioned that I love how she paired her textures?? Suede, silk and patent...YES!

I need this easy green leather shell...I could do so much with it!

Classy with an edge...The sequins and leather rock it out, but the grey jersey keeps it real.

Another look with the silk chemise. This time a bit more relaxed and paired with leather pants and a shorter version of the boot.

Love this cropped fur!

Sophisticated biker...with a wool coat and leather trim!

And finally, are those ankle height cowboy boots?? I gotta know!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Mats Gustafson

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a person comes into your life and enriches it to a point where you are inspired and astounded.  Well, that happened for me when I stumbled upon the fashion illustrator Mats Gustafson.  

Gustafson was born in Sweden and studied costume and stage design at the Scandinavian Drama Institute in Stockholm before starting his career as an illustrator.  He was first published in British Vogue...This led to American Vogue, Andy Warhol's Interview magazine plus countless more - including private commissions by many international designers.  His work, whether in watercolor, pastel or paper cut-out, is so vibrant and emotional you almost forget they are a simple fashion illustration.

 I know, I're probably thinking "How predictable! One of her favorite artists is a fashion illustrator..." Just look for yourself!

for Tiffany & Co.

both illustrations, Christian Dior designs for Vogue China, December 2010

Christian Dior dress, illustrated and on the runway

Christian Dior, 1989 | Atelier Versace, 1995

Alexander McQueen | Marc Jacobs | Gucci
all from Vogue China, December 2012

Harpers Bazaar, October 2012 | Alexander McQueen | Versace, Vogue Italia 1997

John Galliano | Yohji Yamamoto | Prada, Vogue Italia 1997


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

True Colors

Color blocking...If you haven't been living under a rock these past few years, then you have probably seen this technique everywhere in fashion.  

But let's take fashion out of the equation and enter the world of interior design.  Color blocking is not only a trend you will see on your clothes and accessories but also in your home.  

Blu Dot, a fabulous modern furniture company, started the color block trend in the residential world many years ago when they introduced their Modu-Licious Cabinet.  After that, many other furniture lines followed suit and today, it's easy to go anywhere and see color blocking in the most interesting places.  

This fabulous ultra modern multi-level house by 05 AM Arquitectura defines color blocking at it's finest with a bold citrine shelving unit angling its way through the mostly white space.

  Float, a new seating design introduced by the Spanish company Sancal is the perfect example of the color block application on a piece of furniture.  Sancal worked hand-in-hand with designer Karim Rashid to create a funky and versatile sofa. 
The options are endless with this little sofa when it comes to colors. There are also three sizes and many different combinations of headrests, armrests and other cool features.  

The Patchwork bed, another Sancal piece, can also be customized with different colored panels.  I would love to see this with a bright bold color!

This custom area rug from New River Artisans is one of my favorites!  What's better is that this rug was designed years before the color blocking craze - makes it that much cooler! 

Pastoe's Shift Cupboard by Dutch designers Scholten & Baijngs combines ombre in a few cabinets along with the color blocking application.  I absolutely love these case pieces and I'm dying to use one for a media cabinet! 

Midi Colors table bases and bookshelves by Lagranja design for Systema Midi are such a fun example of color blocking.  I love this room scene - and I covet those bookcases!