Friday, February 8, 2013

Mats Gustafson

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a person comes into your life and enriches it to a point where you are inspired and astounded.  Well, that happened for me when I stumbled upon the fashion illustrator Mats Gustafson.  

Gustafson was born in Sweden and studied costume and stage design at the Scandinavian Drama Institute in Stockholm before starting his career as an illustrator.  He was first published in British Vogue...This led to American Vogue, Andy Warhol's Interview magazine plus countless more - including private commissions by many international designers.  His work, whether in watercolor, pastel or paper cut-out, is so vibrant and emotional you almost forget they are a simple fashion illustration.

 I know, I're probably thinking "How predictable! One of her favorite artists is a fashion illustrator..." Just look for yourself!

for Tiffany & Co.

both illustrations, Christian Dior designs for Vogue China, December 2010

Christian Dior dress, illustrated and on the runway

Christian Dior, 1989 | Atelier Versace, 1995

Alexander McQueen | Marc Jacobs | Gucci
all from Vogue China, December 2012

Harpers Bazaar, October 2012 | Alexander McQueen | Versace, Vogue Italia 1997

John Galliano | Yohji Yamamoto | Prada, Vogue Italia 1997


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