Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why I love Michael Kors….

…let me count the ways (from his Spring 2014 Ready to Wear collection)

1 - His designs are the epitome of chic all-American. (Sorry, Ralph Lauren)

1.5 - These.  Need these.

2. He makes nipples look classy.

3. He created the perfect outfit for my next safari.

4. He makes fur in the Spring look appropriate.

5. He makes wearing a perfectly accessorized knit onesie look effortless.

6. …and my grandmother's cardigan and crochet project look cool.

7 - This cloud-like shrug. Love.

8 - This. Whole. Look.

9 - He makes me want a high-waisted bikini.

9.5 - …and these reptilian platforms. 

10 - He can still make you look put together even if you've forgotten your top.

11 - He tells his models to smile.

 12 Again, nipples never looked so classy.

13 - He is still working the Deco look, which I adore.

14 - He just designed my next wedding-on-a-beach dress. (C'mon y'all - don't you want to plan your wedding on the beach?  Then invite me?)

15 - He understands redheads. (Some of my best friends are redheads.)

Do you love the new looks by Michael Kors? If so, please share :)


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