Friday, June 27, 2014

Cool Finds at Dwell on Design LA

Last weekend I returned from the American Society of Interior Designer's Chapter Leadership Conference which was held in conjunction with Dwell on Design in Los Angeles.  

Not to miss an opportunity to see a trade show, especially one in such an influential location as LA, I made a point to visit during my down-time between the ASID meetings.  Although several exhibits were a repeat from previous shows, I did see a few things that I was very excited about!  Here are a few that I had to share: 

Castellan Parquet Porcelain Tile from Classic Tile and Mosaic

This new porcelain tile design follows the wood-look trend, but the addition of the oversized parquet look makes this product stand out from the others I've seen.  The tiles are available in Brun, Creme, and Gris and, as you can see from the photos above, are suitable for the interior or the exterior.  

New Color Availability from Miele

Miele appliances shown in Brilliant White.

Miele appliances shown in Havana Brown.

You may already be familiar with Miele's Brilliant White glass front option, introduced in 2012 and the winner of  Interior Design Magazine's Best of 2013, which is a pretty fabulous choice when planning a sleek kitchen.  Due to the popularity of that, they are now adding two new glass colors to the line, Havana Brown and Obsidian Black.  As if the glass colors weren't cool enough, the operating panel works as a touch screen - similar to an Apple product.  Not to shabby Miele.

Shabbat Candles in White

Drops in White

This was the first time I've seen product by Shimal'e - Light in Art in person and I was impressed.  The designer, Shimon Peleg, creates one-of-a-kind light fixtures, windows, art and sinks.  My favorite designs from the show utilized rectangular panels of stained glass to create a truly unique chandelier.  All of Peleg's creations may be customized to create the right look for your project.

Smith & Fong Plyboo Carved and Textured Panels

These textured architectural panels, newly introduced by already popular "green" manufacturer Smith & Fong, were pretty exciting.  Available as prefinished or unfinished sheets in three different styles, Reveal Collection, Plyboo Sound and Linear Line, my mind soared with all the possible applications - cabinetry, furniture, backsplash, or simply a highlighted panel on a statement wall!  

These are merely a few of the exciting new products and finishes that I discovered at Dwell on Design.  Stay tuned for even more cool new products and designs from the show! 

Happy Planning!

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