Thursday, July 17, 2014

Modern Lighting, Cerno

In a blog post recently, I recounted a few of my favorite items I happened upon at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles.  These were not the only ones… A few others I felt were worthy of their own blog post - like this one, Cerno.

Cerno, a lighting company specializing in LED fixtures, was established in 2009 in Southern California, where every fixture is designed, engineered and manufactured before shipping out to the end consumer.  What I saw in their booth was wonderfully clean and modern light fixtures finished in walnut, aluminum and glass.

These guys were really cool and super down-to-earth.  I loved chatting with them briefly about their product!  Here are a few quotes pulled from their site that I felt really told their story...

"Long before we were a business, it was three best friends that just enjoyed collaborating" - Bret Englander, Co-Founder, Director of Sales and Marketing

Vix, a stunning walnut and aluminum linear pendant

"What is so strong about Cerno is that we design and conceive these pieces in a shared environment where [Daniel Wacholder] can execute my vision without compromising any portion of it." - Nick Sheridan, Co-Founder, Director of Design

The Valeo floor lamp was my favorite of all of their freestanding lamps.

The Mica L Pendant

The Abeo Pendant

The Acuo Sconce

The Macto Table Lamp

The fixtures that really caught my eye at the show, however, were the articulating wall sconces…

"My thought was 'Well, let's make a light fixture that could both be an ambient light and a reading light'." - Daniel Wacholder, Co-Founder, Director of Engineering

The Cubo Wall Sconce with the light source retracted for ambient light.

Here, the Cubo is shown being used for task lighting.

The Levo was my favorite - loved the horizontal line and the simplicity of the task light.

The Levo Wall Sconce

Stay tuned for more interesting finds from Dwell On Design!

Happy planning!


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